Monday, March 17, 2014

Empties - The Skincare Edit

It seemed like the bloggersphere and YouTube had been hit with a new phenomenon last year: empties posts and videos. Of course it makes sense to review the things you actually finish up. Well, as a beauty lover it can be quite difficult to do so because you are constantly trying out new things. This is why I have saved all my "trash" from the last 10 months or so in order to give many products the chance to be used up. Finally I feel like I can give you my honest opinion about many great and also some disappointing things. The first part of this series will be focusing on a few skin scare products that I have finished up.

I have finished 2 of those by now and have a third one in the works as my daily morning moisturizer. I was first introduced to it by a beauty subscription box and noticed instant results. I was pleased and mortified at the same time because this meant I had to eventually buy the full size for 43€ (or three of them). The claims are, as they often times are, pretty up there: Instant radiance and moisture and 10 times younger looking skin after 4 weeks of use. It does contain quite a few high price-point ingredients, such as a blend of antioxidants, skin-repairing -, anti-aging properties and UVA protection. While all of those ingredients are beneficial to you skin, it’s the mix that makes the magic in this case. See, when you wear this moisturizer your skin has the chance to repair some minor damages while being protected from any further harm from the sun or outside pollution.

I can honestly say that I was baffled when I noticed the first results. I had never experienced such smooth and radiant skin from a skincare product before. It has a pleasant, lightweight, almost gel-like consistency and sinks in quickly while still leaving it 'glowing from within'. This quality makes it suitable for normal to combination skin mostly but don't hesitate to ask for a sample even if you have slightly oily or dryer skin. This moisturizer has quickly become my holy grail as far as daily face crèmes for the colder months are concerned. Unfortunately the SPF level is not high enough for me to rely on for the summer months.

I have to admit; I have 4 of these in my empties bin. Thankfully, you can 'back to Mac' these. The reason for my extensive use is that a spritz of this after you are finished with your face make up takes your make up to artistry levels. Especially when wearing a heavy-duty foundation, such as the Estee Lauder Double Wear or Revlon Color StayThe skin tends to look a bit heavy, due to their liquid to powder qualities. The moisture levels in fix plus will put that needed h2O back into your skin. It's kind of like applying a moisturizer after your make up.

My guess is that there is no long introduction needed for this product. This is, without a doubt, the best of its kind. I use it as my second step in my skin care routine right after I remove the biggest chunk of my make up with the bebe cleaning towelettes and before my foaming cleanser. This way I don't waste too much of it and have an almost fully clean face when I deep clean. There is really nothing bag to say about Bioderma. It's gentle, hydrating and pretty affordable via Amazon.

Melvita Huile de Macadamia

This is probably not a widely known product but it takes the place for all organic and natural beauty oils. This one was particularly hydrating and smelled amazing. Putting oils on your face, especially when having oily skin, might alarm some. In my experience all skin types tend to get more dry during the colder months. This is why I used this after my nightly moisturizer this past fall and winter to keep my skin nourished. My previous dry spots and tightness vanished and my skin drank this stuff up. I strongly recommend you try some kind of oil, just be cautious for it to be all natural and preferably organic. You don't want the rich oil to break you out due to artificial ingredients.

What have you used up recently? And have you tried any of these products before?

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